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Access Control Systems

Your Trusted Supplier of Access Control Systems in Edmonton

ALW Security & Hardware Supply offers access control systems in Edmonton that provide secure physical access to buildings and highly secure areas within a facility, as well as a safe environment for residents, employees, visitors and contractors. Whether it’s a complex and extensive access control system that includes hundreds of doors or a simple, stand-alone device, you’ll find just the right solution at ALW Security & Hardware Supply.

Access control systems, key fob systems, key cards and biometric access devices provide reliable security for homes, schools, hospitals and businesses; they protect guests and employees and are easily customizable, providing effective solutions for all sizes and types of properties. Additional features, more sophisticated software, and extended coverages can be added as they are needed so that the system can easily be updated as security requirements increase or become more complicated.

For more information about access control systems, or to compare the models we have available, please call or visit our shop .

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