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Knowledge Base & Consultation Services

Knowledge Base & Consultation Services

When it comes to locks and security systems and equipment in Edmonton and throughout Canada, ALW Security & Hardware Supply is acknowledged as being among the leaders in the industry.

Are you frustrated by a particularly tricky or complicated security system requirement or at a loss on how to deal with a possible security risk? The experienced team at ALW Security & Hardware Supply will work with you to provide a workable solution.

Often locksmiths, property managers, military personnel, municipal workers and others will contact us for help in providing security for a particular need or scenario. Many times our extensive knowledge of the industry and available security products makes it easy for us to recommend an off-the-shelf solution, but if necessary we will tailor a security system to your exact specifications to meet your requirements. We also assist clients with security problems such as building and safe lock-out support. 

Count on the professionals at ALW Security & Hardware Supply for sales, service, advice and support. Give us a call today to access our knowledge base or to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced security professionals.

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