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Key Blanks in Edmonton from Brands You Know & Trust

If you go by Hollywood movies, just about anyone can open a lock using little more than a credit card or a hairpin, but for most people a locked door might just as well be a wall, which is why key making has always played an integral role in the locksmithing trade. Thankfully, modern key machines and quality key blanks allow today’s locksmiths to quickly and easily cut proper keys efficiently. Along with basic locksmith tools such as tension tools and pick guns, key extractors and plug spinners, a well prepared locksmith must have access to a variety of different key types in order to satisfy the needs of his customers.

ALW Security & Hardware Supply stocks thousands of key blanks in Edmonton from brands you know and trust. We offer key blanks and hardware for residential , commercial , industrial , and automotive applications, as well accessories such as specialty keys, code-cut keys, and replacement keys for access control systems , such as fobs and card locks. Visit our shop to view our full inventory.

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