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Automotive Locks

Automotive Locks in Edmonton for All Types of Vehicles

Cars, trucks and SUVs represent a major financial investment, so security has become more important to consumers. Security features and accessories such as ignition lock cylinders and electronic data chips are standard equipment on most vehicles.

However, the better a vehicle’s security is, the harder it is for the owner to gain entry if the locks are damaged, or one or more keys have been lost or a key has been given to someone the owner no longer trusts. And of course, lockouts are an ongoing problem for consumers and a boon for locksmiths.

ALW Security & Hardware Supply sells and distributes automotive locks in Edmonton for all makes, models and types of vehicles, and we can quickly ship orders to any destination in Canada.

Our extensive automotive lock inventory includes locks for virtually any vehicle:

Passenger vehicles

Heavy equipment

Motorcycles and off-road equipment

Farm equipment

Recreation vehicles

Installation templates

We also stock vehicle door, trunk, interior, ignition, and any other locks. Call or visit our shop to view our selection or order supplies.

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