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Wholesale Locksmith Equipment

Shop for Wholesale Locksmith Equipment in Edmonton

Picking a lock is never an easy task, but having access to specialized tools and equipment can certainly make the job go more smoothly.

For more than 35 years ALW Security & Hardware Supply has provided locksmiths and resellers, governmental agencies, law enforcement groups, military personnel and others with top quality locksmith equipment at wholesale prices in Edmonton and across Canada. Whether you are in need of a single locksmith tool, an easily transported tool kit, or a comprehensive set of tools designed to address any contingency, you’ll find exactly what you need at our Edmonton shop. 

Some of the equipment we offer includes:

Installation tools

Jigs (devices used to install lock hardware)

Reprogramming devices

Entry and access tools

Rekeying tools

Automotive bypass tools

Our wholesale locksmith equipment is constructed from high quality, durable materials and designed to provide reliable service for many years. Give us a call to learn more or visit our shop or to view our full inventory of locksmith equipment.

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