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Key Duplicating Machines in Edmonton

There was a time when making duplicate keys required locksmiths to hand-grind or file a key blank to the correct specifications. It was a difficult skill to master and required a significant amount of time and effort. Thankfully, modern technological advances allow locksmiths to duplicate keys much faster, easier and more efficiently.

ALW Security & Hardware Supply offers automatic and semiautomatic key duplicating machines in Edmonton that precisely follow the shape of teeth along the key to create an exact copy. A micrometer traces the shape of the original key while automatically controlling the angle and depth of the cut. Once the duplication is complete a wire brush is used to polish away any rough edges or spurs.

In addition to machines designed to duplicate commonplace door and automotive keys, we also have key duplicating machines that can cut keys from code (code cut) or from scratch. We also offer professional key machine installation and maintenance services to ensure ongoing accuracy.

For more information, or to view our selection of key duplicating machines, please call or visit our shop.

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